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Koka Beach

It is only 1 hours by Car to discover stunning beach with super clear crystal water. Instagramable with two bays on either side of a headland, it’s a perfect location for escape and could be a paradise on earth.

Kelimutu Crater Lakes

Inside the Kelimutu National Park, Kelimutu Crater Lakes are incredible natural sights with 3 different vivid color that change time to time. With 3 hours journey from the hotel, spectacular view will be found throughout the trip.

Mount Egon

It’s a stratovolcano located in the Southeastern part of Flores. 1 hours only to reach the starting point and short time to climb up and down. Worth to try.

Sikka Old Church

The Pope visited here on last 1979, well maintained, beautiful and still used by the local catholic resident. It’s a great architecture, the local also sell traditional fabrics.